What to do when atomic ash seeps out of peroxide during sheet metal painting

What to do when atomic ash seeps out of peroxide during sheet metal painting

Why does atomic ash seep out peroxides during sheet metal painting? If this situation occurs, how should we

 solve it? Below, the editor will explain the handling methods for this situation

The peroxide exuded by atomic ash will appear red/appearing red, making it easy to distinguish

Definition: The filling ash (atomic ash) that fills the car body exudes peroxide.

Cause: Polyester filling ash (atomic ash) used too much peroxide hardener mixed insufficiently.

Preventive method: Use the manufacturer's recommended amount of hardener and mix thoroughly by weight

 or using a hardener dispenser to measure the amount of hardener.

Sheet metal stamping manufacturing

Remedial method: Polish the affected area, isolate it with spray atomic ash, and then spray again.

Hanging (drip and heavy flow)

Definition: Paint flows vertically down the vehicle body.

Cause: Incorrect spraying viscosity, spraying method, static time between layers, and paint film thickness. 

The nozzle diameter is incorrect or the spray pressure is incorrect. The temperature of the paint, substrate, or 

spray booth is too low, and incorrect hardeners and diluents are used.

Preventive method: Follow the construction method recommended in the technical data; Ensure that the spray 

gun operates well. Heat up the sprayed workpiece and paint to a room temperature of 20 degrees. Pay attention

 to spray overlap, air pressure, and distance.

Remedial method: After the topcoat has completely hardened, use sandpaper to polish, cotton balls, and 

polishing materials to remove flowing and sagging. Polish and repaint if necessary.


Definition: The original car paint penetrates the color of the newly painted surface, and the topcoat discolors or


Cause: The pigment of the original paint reacts and dissolves with the thinner of the top paint. Pollution, soluble 

dyes or pigments are usually present on old paint before repainting. The old paint did not seal well. Too much 

hardener is used for polyester putty and soil filling.

Prevention method: If it is expected that color transmission may occur, first spray a small piece of new paint on 

the old paint for experimentation. If color transmission does occur, spray a primer for isolation. When preparing

 polyester putty and adding soil, please use the recommended amount of hardener.

Remedial method: Polish, isolate the original paint with a primer, and then re spray.