Deepen cooperation with German customers

Deepen cooperation with German customers

Service is only a part of customer satisfaction, quality is the lifeline of a company.

Kailai Machinery has always had strict quality requirements for the production, stamping, sheet metal, laser cutting bending parts, powder coating, each step is accompanied by strict quality sampling, in order to reduce the repair rate of goods, improve customer satisfaction.

It is precisely because of such strict quality requirements that the company can have a good reputation in the highly competitive European and American markets and has a large number of long-term stable old customer support.

On March 26, the old customer who has cooperated with us for many years in Germany, based on their trust in our quality, successively ordered five samples with a total of 42,500 pieces of goods, and revealed that the next large cargo plan of up to 180,000 pieces of goods will be issued next month.

As a metal parts manufacturer with about 30 years of experience, we continue to upgrade equipment, doing technical updates and personnel training, and consistently adhere to provide high-quality and low price customized metal stamping parts ,laser cutting for the world's partners, solid and stable work style let us step by step, always firmly in the forefront of metal parts suppliers.

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