American Customer's Goods are Ready to be Shipped

American Customer's Goods are Ready to be Shipped

Since the Chinese Spring Festival, Kailai Machinery has started the busy production.

Today is another busy day, from 7:30 in the morning, the crane entered the factory, the workers are ready to work, start packing. They’re going to ship the goods to customers in the United States. 

This American customer is our new customer. After trying to place an order with Kailai Machinery in September last year, he was impressed by our excellent quality and fast delivery speed, and then placed three orders totaling 120,000 US dollars,all of these are large welding parts.

The quality of Kailai machinery has always been the lifeline we rely on for survival. Kailai Machinery has carbon dioxide shielded welding, argon arc welding, automatic welding machine and other different welding equipment, small tolerance, high precision, smooth and firm welding, and we take from the mold manufacturing to the finished product issued one-step service, can solve a lot of troubles for customers, create more profits, which is also the important reason why customers have chosen us.

If you have this need, you can contract us by phone or email, we will give you a personalized customized solution according to your needs.